About us

Healthcare that is accessible and affordable

Skylight Health emerged as a need to help solve the imbalance in access to quality healthcare in the US. That’s right, for us it’s a movement. This is not socialism, we are taking the bull by the horns and making the change ourselves. Over 18% of the population is without proper access to healthcare, primarily driven by the increased cost and lack of insurance coverage. How is that fair? Healthcare is a human right.

Here's what we're doing about it.

Railroad Set

A fixed membership fee that costs less than a coffee a day.

Who gets access to it? Pretty much anyone in the US where our services are offered. No matter where you go, you will always have access to your care at Skylight Health.

Our team has one belief, your well-being. So we hope that you trust us in partnering with you in your care. We look forward to having you on board.

Going To Surf

Let’s make Healthcare a Human Right Together!