Skylight Health Expands into Texas with Eagle Pass Clinic

Affordable, on-demand primary care will soon serve one of Texas’ most uninsured areas, the Rio Grande Valley

Eagle Pass, TX –– Oct. 8, 2020 –– Maverick County Medical (MCM), a family medicine practice that has served the Eagle Pass community since 2002, is joining Skylight Health, a direct primary care network committed to making healthcare more affordable to more people.

Current patients will see no changes to the way they access or pay for care. Over the next several months, the practice will begin rolling out new options for subscription-based urgent care and telemedicine that requires no insurance or co-pays.

“Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents in the country – one in four Texans has no health coverage – and the rate in the Rio Grande Valley is even higher,” said Skylight Health’s Prad Sekar. “Every person should have affordable access to health care. Skylight Health’s model gives people the freedom to choose how they receive care, and even how they pay for it.”

Founded by Dr. Frank H. Gonzales III, Maverick County Medical serves patients with services that include primary care, occupational medicine, disease management, minor surgeries and treatment for auto accident injuries.

“My mission in opening Maverick County Medical has always been to put the well-being of patients in our community first,” said Dr. Frank H. Gonzales III, MCM physician. “Skylight Health’s model makes it possible for physicians to really do that, and also to effectively utilize the 21st-century tools now available to reach patients in underserved communities.”

Skylight Health broadens the availability of health care services for individuals who may be uninsured or have health plans with such high deductibles that they can’t afford to access the care they need. Skylight Health’s unlimited care model costs just $199/year or $24.99/month per person. Children under the age of 8 are free so long as their parent has a subscription.

Skylight Health also broadens access to care through a telehealth platform patients can use to consult with bilingual, Texas-based physicians. This makes care readily available to rural individuals who may live hours away from their nearest healthcare provider, as well as those for whom physically visiting a doctor’s office could put them at great risk for contracting Covid-19.

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About Skylight Health

Skylight Health is a direct primary care provider with more than 30 clinics across 13 states. Skylight Health is not a health plan, but provides monthly ($24.99/month per person) and yearly ($199/year per person) subscriptions for the virtual and/or in-person treatment of acute, chronic and even mental health conditions. This direct-to-consumer approach increases healthcare accessibility and affordability for those who are uninsured or in health plans with significant cost-sharing. Visit for more information or call us at 844-644-8880.